Data analysis and reporting framework

Driving change through a leading international retailer by unlocking the “truths” of its data, analysis, reports and 3rd party relationships.


Deliver a detailed picture of all data sources, reporting and analysis.

Evaluate the impact of 3rd party relationships within the digital marketing of the business as it currently.

Determine risk for GDPR planning.

Recommend best-in-class partners to deliver value across the marketing and analytics areas of the business.

This meant dealing with many departments within the business and 3rdy party relationships to formulate a 360 degree review to enable efficient recommendations.


Conducted interviews with all stakeholders and 3rd party suppliers to understand their current needs and requirements to make data, technology, analysis and reporting more effective for them.

Reviewed and mapped in detail the current landscape of reporting, analysis and data sources.

Identified and prioritised focus areas which the business should invest.

The results