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Appraise is dedicated to giving brands expert and impartial advice around their digital marketing and technology needs. No two solutions are the same, and we’ll ensure that your technology and digital marketing ecosystems are right for your business.


Our team comes from a wide range of marketing and technology backgrounds. Working for brands, agencies and technology vendors, we have decades of actual hands on experience in creating and delivering the solutions and recommendations that we provide for our clients.


We provide you with a detailed breakdown of the hours it will take to deliver what you need and work with you to ensure it’s within your budget. No hidden fees, mark ups or costs.

End to end service

We not only recommend the right strategy and solution for you, but we can also help you to implement it. We provide an end to end service to ensure you can implement our recommendations and achieve your goals.

We’re impartial

We don’t have any network or vendor alliances and we’re not trying to win more of your marketing spend. The recommendations we provide are truly impartial to ensure we give you the best possible advice and solution for your needs.


Our advice and strategies are both considered and realistic. We’re not going to deliver you a recommendation that you have no ability to actually implement.


We have experts in every area of digital marketing & technology.

In the data driven marketing age, companies are struggling to keep up with the hundreds of marketing technology platforms now available and how to utilise them effectively.

Technology Stack

“Am I using the right technology, software and platforms for my business?”
“How can I ensure my technologies are working together effectively?”

Our technical consultants are experts in system architecture, integration and data. We understand the challenges of multiple data sources, communication channels and digital marketing platforms.
We evaluate and recommend the right technology and platforms for your business and help you to integrate, deploy and operate them effectively. Everything from databases, analytics, content management, loyalty and ad serving

Digital Marketing

“Am I getting the best results from my digital marketing activity and suppliers?”
“Are we using the right technology for my digital campaign needs?”

Our digital marketing consultants are experts in SEO, display, mobile, loyalty, social and E-commerce. We develop global and local strategies that will optimise and increase the effectiveness of your digital marketing spend.
We advise on best practices around digital marketing platforms that your business or agencies are using.

Data & Analytics

“Are we collecting the right data and in the correct format?”
“Are we using our data in the most effective way and do we understand it?”

Our expert data consultants help to ensure you’re collecting the right data, from the right sources and in the right format to ensure that your business and marketing technology is making the best use of it.
Everything from data analytics, to machine learning and predictive modelling. We help make sense of your big data to ensure that it’s correctly understood and utilised across all areas of your business.

People & Partners

“Do I have the right digital marketing team and structure for my business?”
“Are we using the right agencies/partners to ensure we get the best results?”

We can help you build the best digital marketing team for your business from best practices, to organisational structure. We can help you manage your marketing partners to ensure you’re getting the best service and most value from your agencies and vendors.
As well as helping you develop your digital marketing strategy we can help you select the right partners to work with.



Appraise provides expert advice on what marketing technology you should be using and how to maximise your digital marketing effectiveness.


AUDIT & REVIEW each or all of your digital marketing activity, technology, data, media spend or internal resource.
We’ll provide you with a detailed analysis of your current assets mapped to your digital marketing objectives and vision.

  • Technology stack and vendor audit
  • Digital marketing activity audit
  • Data and analytics audit
  • Organisational structure and resource audit
  • Strategic recommendation (operational and executive summary)
  • High-level transformation roadmap

STRATEGY & RECOMMENDATIONS to help you find the right solution for your marketing technology as well as develop digital marketing strategies and best operational best practices.

  • Transition strategy and planning
  • Identification of new technology & vendors
  • Creation of required features matrix
  • Digital operations best practice methodologies
  • Transition strategy and planning
  • Digital media channel strategy
  • Engagement and IOT strategy
  • Loyalty strategy
  • Sales and promotion strategy
  • SEO and display strategy
  • Customer user journeys
  • Detailed marketing organisational structures
  • Individual/departmental performance targets


PLANNING & MANAGEMENT to help you deploy the right solution for your business.

  • Agency/vendor identification
  • Technical stack integration & deployment
  • Organisational structure
  • Digital operations best practice methodologies
  • Operational transition management
  • Creation and management of RFP
  • Technology vendor selection and negotiation
  • Agency selection and negotiation
  • Detailed marketing organisational structures
  • Stakeholder communications and training
  • Digital empowerment programs
  • Internal workshops and planning
  • Ongoing reviews and health-checks

Some of our work


We’re not big at bragging about our work or clients, needless to say we’re helping some of the world’s biggest brands transform and utilise digital marketing and technology.


We completed a marketing technology audit for one Europe’s biggest retailers who deal with millions of customers and terabytes of data every day.

Appraise delivered a strategic recommendation on how to completely rebuild their marketing technology stack in order to deliver their digital marketing vision – to be the best digital marketing brand in their sector.

We interviewed key stakeholders and assessed their current technology ecosystem so that we could identify the best vendors to deliver the right solution for their needs and provided a detailed analysis of key market providers and their capabilities.

Our final recommendation included; high level tech stack architecture, vendor recommendations, budget estimates, deployment timelines, transition roadmap and an executive summary to be presented to their board.
And we did all that in less than 6 weeks!


We helped one of the world’s biggest brands conduct an audit of their current digital Ad Serving activity to help save them millions of £pounds on their annual advertising budget.

Appraise delivered a global audit of their internal stakeholders and agencies in more than a dozen markets and identified key areas for improvement in both operational, technology and purchasing efficiencies.

We then ran their global request for proposal (RFP) process to identify potential new agency and technology partners and deploy those across their global network.

Appraise is now helping develop their internal Ad Serving resource to enable their long term plan of managing all this activity in-house.


Who We Are

Our team of expert consultants come from a wide range of backgrounds including; technology, strategy, search, programmatic, eCRM, eCommerce, data, media, mobile and strategy. Whatever your needs are, we have the right people help.

Executive Team

With over 40 years combined experience in advertising, digital, media, mobile, and technology, mobile and marketing platforms, our executive team have worked inside the world’s biggest media and adverting networks and technology vendors.

Investment Board

The Appraise board consists of its two founding investors who continue to work closely with the business and provide invaluable knowledge and experience to both our operational activity and client projects.

Neil Eatson


Peter Goodman

Co-Founder – Board Member

Ian Weaver

Board Member